Teacups Upside Down

About me…. hmm… well I love to read, so expect some book recommendations. Somehow along the way, I’ve ended up with not one, but two degrees in history so I must like the old stuff. I haven’t really been using them for anything (read, I work in a payroll department) so here we are! I think this might be the perfect place for some fun stuff you may not have heard of or know really happened. In many cases, though, the true stories are better than fiction and if you are a reader or have watched TV at all, many fictional stories start with inspiration from actual historical events. So, let’s go see if we can find some good ones for you…

Many people think history just consists of dried up old books and even older events (with dates!). There’s much more to it though. Just follow the tea leaves… ☕️ 🫖