A cup of tea…

This idea came to me a while ago… actually about two years ago. However, it took me until March of 2020 to really get started actually thinking about what I would do if I started this project. Here I am in July, finally doing this. Well, what is this? You will just have to keep reading to find out so keep it going!

I have two degrees in history, so most of my focus here will be in that direction with a few variations from time to time. (It’ll be fun, I promise.😉)

I have some ideas that I think will be a lot of fun to put out there, so I hope that everyone who finds me enjoys this place and you learn a little while you’re at it. The explanation about the teacups and the title is forthcoming…

You might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but not everyone has good taste…

– unknown

Love bunches!



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